You expect a lot of your employees

And chances are, your employees what to do the best job they can. But if they are weighed down by personal and family responsibilities, it can be tough – if not impossible – for them to be as productive as they’d like.

Research repeatedly shows that programs to support employees’ work life integration can improve productivity, morale and engagement; enhance recruitment efforts; reduce absenteeism and turnover; improve outcomes; and increase profits.

We help your employees with one of the toughest jobs they face

Seventy-five percent of Americans don’t have a will. Most people procrastinate because the process seems overwhelming – they have no idea where to begin. Once they do get started, they may find the process time-consuming and complicated. Getting it wrong may prove to be an extremely costly mistake.

At Network Legal, we simplify and demystify the process. Our group legal plans provide your employees with low-cost, customized support in writing wills, trusts and other estate planning documents, as well as in acting as executor. Our legal service include:

  • Estate and Financial planning
  • Document preparation
  • Executor Support

We provide your employees with the practical information they need.

Network Legal offers on-site seminars for companies of all sizes.

Audiences can expect dynamic, engaging, and relevant programs in which employees are supported, motivated, and coached on family protection and end of life planning.

Our selection of seminars and workshops give companies the freedom to design the most effective program for their employees. The attendees will be empowered with a thorough understanding of estate planning topics, and what they can do to prepare today and for their future.


    • Caregivers and Compassion Fatigue
      Learn coping skills that help caregivers acknowledge their task of care giving, while exploring ways to renew energy and maintain good boundaries.
    • The Language of Care giving
      In this interactive presentation, you will learn specific tips and strategies for more effectively managing the inevitable challenges and dilemmas of the dual working-caregiver role.
    • Elder Care Financial and Legal Planning
      We will discuss important legal documents and financial planning needs to protect a loved one’s assets and end-of-life wishes.
    • Understanding the Maze of Eldercare Decisions
      Caregivers often find themselves frustrated and confused by the challenges of caring for a chronically ill or elderly love one. This seminar will discuss the five key areas of care giving and how to develop a successful elder care plan.
    • Is Writing A Will Still On Your List of Things To Do?
      This seminar will help take the mystery and stress out of writing your will, establishing a trust and taking on the role of an executor.
    • Yours, Mine & Ours: Estate Planning for the Blended Family
      Planning for a blended family can be complex and present unique challenges. This seminar will present strategies to help design a plan to protect loved ones, assets and legacy.
    • Understanding The Role and Responsibility Of An Executor
      Most people have little experience dealing with what happens when a loved one dies and they are faced with settling the estate. For most the experience is time consuming and overwhelming. This seminar offers valuable information to avoid the stress and confusion of probate and will help prepare an executor for their responsibilities.
    • Making Sense of Investing: Starting from the Basics
      This seminar will deliver key principles for saving and investing, setting realistic expectations and creating short and long term financial goals.
    • The Changing Face of Retirement: Do the Old Rules Still Apply?
      Baby boomers are changing the way we think about aging and retirement. They are seeking a more flexible, phased transition into retirement and their success depends on taking on greater levels of personal responsibility in planning, saving and preparing. This seminar identifies six ways baby boomer workers can improve their retirement outlook.
    • Empowering Women Through Financial Awareness
      This is a seminar to help women sort through the constant deluge of irrelevant and misinformation and give them the tools to protect their wealth, organize their affairs and prepare for financial circumstances they may encounter along the way.

Speaker / Facilitator

As a Work Life Certified Professional, Becky understands the ever-changing demands of the business environment and the work-life challenges facing today’s workforce. Specializing in designing, implementing and managing Work-Life programs for businesses, Becky brings her unique experience, knowledge and critical skills needed to help companies motivate and engage their workforce. Becky is a member of the National Speakers Association and facilitates Work-Life educational seminars and workshops throughout the U.S.

Becky is a Certified Estate Planner, designated a CEP by the National Institute of Certified Estate Planners, a Registered Financial Consultant, holding multiple securities licenses through FINRA and a Work Life Certified Professional, certified through World at Work, Society of Certified Professionals.

Becky was a recipient of a Charlotte Business Journal’s Women in Business Achievement Award, and is listed in the National Association of Professional and Executive Women Registry for Women in Excellence.