If you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer – we can help with that too!

Creating a will may be one of the most important steps you ever take. And while there are numerous websites that claim to offer easy, do-it-yourself options, it’s vital to choose a service you can trust.

At Network Legal Express, we understand how complicated estate planning can be, and that no two situations are alike. That’s why we strongly recommend you seek out the customized expertise of our full-service estate planning firm, Network Legal.

Nonetheless, we also understand that many people are looking for a more affordable option and choose to go, the do-it-yourself route. If this is your situation, Network Legal offers you the opportunity to write your own will and trust with the backing of more than 25 years of experience and expertise.

Our Do-It-Yourself EXPRESS option gives you the peace of mind that comes from working with a time-tested, and trusted source.

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  • Your full legal name. This should be the name you use for employment, voting, driver license etc.
  • Your spouse’s full legal name.
  • Your children’s full legal names and birth dates.
  • Full legal names of children’s guardians.
  • Pet caretakers. The name and description of pet and the name of caretaker who will care for them. And if there is an amount of money you would like to leave for your pet’s care.
  • Your property. An inventory of real estate, vehicles and other items you will be specifically leaving a particular person.
  • Beneficiary and successor beneficiary names. The names of the people to whom you will be leaving your assets and the successor beneficiary if your first choice predeceases you.
  • Trustee and alternate trustee names. Full legal names of the person who will be managing the money for your beneficiary and full legal name of an alternate trustee.
  • Executor and alternate executor. The full legal name of the person(s) who will be settling your estate. Include an alternate person.