We offer three levels of customized executor support to fit every budget and need . . .
Settling an estate can be an overwhelming experience

Even if you have the best intentions, being put in the position of executor can be hard. It can be time-consuming to comb through the paperwork and understand what needs to be done. It can be complicated to ensure you are meeting your loved one’s wishes and not taking on unnecessary expense or making even more costly mistakes. It can be difficult to navigate family dynamics, especially during a time of grieving.

You have some critical decisions to make

Executors often face complex choices, many of which aren’t easy even in the best of circumstances. If you don’t fully understand the situation or have the experience you need, you can inadvertently put your assets or those of the state at risk.

Network Legal provides the expert help you need to get it done

Our compassionate and seasoned team of estate specialists provide dedicated help with probate and estate administration – from beginning to end. You make the decisions. We help you understand your role, coach you on your options, offer personal guidance and expertise, assist you in organizing your documents and relieve you of some or all the work.