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  • Corporate Employee Education
  • Protecting the ones you love
  • Planning for your future
  • Specializing in Document Preparation and Executor Support
  • Attorney Assisted Document Preparation
  • Your alternative to high cost legal services
NETWORK LEGAL takes the mystery and stress out of writing your will, settling a loved one’s estate, establishing a trust, and much more. We make sure you have the plan and documents in place to ensure everything is taken care of as well as the knowledge and access to keep your plan up to date over time. And we do it for a price you can afford.

WITH OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE, trust integrity and individualized attention are the key to our success. We know that you are much more than the sum of your assets. So we don’t focus only on paper and numbers – we build relationships. We work with you throughout the process to understand not just your unique circumstances and needs, but your values, priorities and dreams.